WORDS FOR GENERATIONS TO COME: Fighting isn’t always the best solution to a fight!

Win-win are the circumstance you would think the common person would achieve for. Instead fighting has been the main event for generations, lets hope this won’t continue for generation to come. Why? because fighting has not solved much yet, only more chaos and more depletion of a generations. Conquering and ruling another for one’s own personal gains always and always will lead to fighting “war”. Only when both and all party feel like there is a common gain and declare no “war”.



‘Freedom of Speech’ vs ‘Rap Lyrics’

Man on trial for shooting another man and paralyzing him. His history of rap lyrics (written years before this crime was committed) are being considered in the Supreme Courts Now and then are two different times in this man life. His past should remain exactly wht it was his past. His now crime should be judged based events surrounding this crime. If both are allowed to mixed then so will his judgement day, plus it send a negative signal to rap lyric, that didn’t commit the crime.

‘Freedom of Speech’

Can and should ‘Freedom of Speech’ be used against you? And what if these was written in a song or rap lyrics that you had written years ago before this moment in time. Now suppose these same words of violence has came back to hunt you in a recent on going trial, in which the Supreme Courts will be argued as permissible.


What changed you?

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life? Everyone has a story to tell, everyone will go through something that will change you view or your way of doing what you in life. Life changes are not numbered, life give chances that open up life or shut down doors. Life is not what you make of it, life is more or less what you do with it. So what changed you? blockquote>


Breakfast and a Quote

Breakfast being the most essential meal of the day, has a wide range of “it’s good for the body” nutrients. So why not enhance that bowl of cereal with a quote to live by. Quoting someone whom you admiral or have researched/studied, and find somewhat uplifting, joyful, inspiration or maybe satisfaction, and use these words to inspire your self or someone close to your circle or family who need uplifting. A quote every morning most certainly will start you day bright and right!

Capping the Youth Spending Controls Now

America spending has and have been way out of control for a very long time. Contributing to the huge debit are our young youth. What I mean by young youth is children below the age of 16yr old. Spending their money, their parents money,and practically any money. My idea is to control this spending as a youth before these out of control youth grow up to have ‘CREDIT CARDS’ (more debit). So give them control spending now, through pre- issued and control credit cards. Th idea is to control spending now and spare the sustainable of our  future. Basically it easy if you have a ????? limit that the child their selves have to learn control in order to increase any credit spending for later. The results and solutions are one of the same.